Always With You

This page is dedicated to the memory of David`s mother, Victoria Pestrak, and all those who have battled cancer or other forms of life threatening diseases, with a tremendous amount of courage and determination to fight.


After a two-year battle with a form of cancer known as multiple myeloma, my mom, Victoria passed away in December, 2008 at the age of 52.

Throughout her battle, she always maintained her faith. A big part of that for her included her belief in angels; a belief she had all her life. In the pockets of her sweaters and pouches of her purses, she carried an Angel Pendant (about the size of a quarter). On one side was the image of an angel, while the backside read the following three simple words: "Always With You".

She also handed these pendants out to others; to a friend that had a fear of flying, or simply to those in need of hope. It served as a reminder that we all have an angel with us, looking over us, and taking care of us. The concept of the message "Always With You" does not only apply to an angel figure. A person's memory lives on through us every day, through their everyday teachings. From simple things like "how to cook" and "to eat your vegetables", to more complex life-lessons. Wherever we go and whatever we do, they're "Always With Us"

After her passing, her message of "Always With You" stuck with me and the rest of my family. Soon after, it came to inspire a tribute guitar, custom made by Bill Crook of 'Crook Custom Guitars' (shown in the two pictures above-right).

Also, if you`ve ever caught or have been handed a guitar pick at one of my shows, you likely have noticed the Angel on one side, and now you know the meaning of it, honoring her memory that lives on.

The Song

Now that you have a bit of background, I must admit, writing a song so meaningful to me was a bit intimidating at first. One of my biggest concerns was not living up to the expectation and integrity that I hoped the song would have. As I thought about what angle to approach this song, it didn’t take long for me to discover that a song this important can only come from one place... the heart. By speaking from the heart, this turned out to be the one of the easiest and most satisfying songs I’ve written to date. I hope you enjoy the song, entitled "Always With You".



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