1. Driveway
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David's first single to radio!


(D. Pestrak)

I put the sign up on that fold out table
It read 50-cents for ice cold lemonade
Yeah, the first 5 bucks I ever made
Was right there on my driveway

When my training wheels came off, I learned
Just how sharp that bicycle can turn
I went air born and landed face first,
right there on the driveway

It was just a concrete pad,
That connected the street to my garage
But beneath that cement lay the foundation,
Of my childhood education
All those memories won't ever wash away
'Cause lookin' back I can see,
All the footprints that I left in the concrete

There were tears of joy in my mama's eyes
When I took the car out for the first time
With a smile on her face she waved goodbye
From right there on the driveway

--CHORUS-- x2