1. Alcohol Abuse
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David's 3rd radio single (July 7, 2014)


(D. Pestrak / M. Barnette)

He’s 6’3”, looks like he ain’t showered in a month
He took a seat beside that petite, whiskey drinkin’ blonde
Big and loud, he tells her how he’s the man she needs
Well, I’ll give it 10 before he’s wearin’ her glass of Jim Beam
I’ve seen it end like that too many times; but

Hey, that’s alcohol abuse
When you waste a drink like that, on some unintended use
No it ain’t no crime, but you’ve got to keep in mind
That’s no way to treat a glass of 80-proof
Around here we call that alcohol abuse

My buddy Zach just got back to town, after his divorce
He’s on his 4th round throwin’ Crown down, tryin’ to get back on that horse
He’s been cryin’ tears about wastin’ years, and when she threw him out
She hit the road to Mexico, cleaned out his bank account
He says he’s tryin’ to drink her memory away; but I say

**That’s no way to treat a glass of 90-proof

It’s a dog-gone shame
Something so carefully-aged
Is thrown away so carelessly
That’s not drinkin’ responsibly

***That’s no way to treat a glass of hundred-proof